International Teacher Identity Card

Having to deal with kids week after week, we think if anyone deserves a reward it’s the teachers! For this reason, we offer the International Teachers Identity Card (ITIC). The ITIC entitles you to discounts across the World – we’re talking much more than apples and text books here. It’s more like MP3 players and flights.

The ITIC is the only internationally recognised proof of full time teacher status. What’s more it’ll save you cash at home and abroad. You’ll receive discounts on transport, accommodation, communications, museums, galleries, cultural attractions food, music and more!

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What will I get from the ITIC teacher card?

 With an ITIC card  you’re still part of the great ISIC global community with around 4.5 million users. You can take advantage of thousands of similar benefits, services and savings that the ISIC student card offers, at home and away. Don’t forget to carry your card around with you!



No age limit applies

ISTC Full-time Teacher Definition
Minimum of 15 contact teaching hours per week

You must provide one of the following:

  • A valid staff card which states you are a full time teacher
  • A letter stating you are a full-time teacher on school, college or university headed paper
  • Proof of your date of birth: Passport, drivers’ licence or birth certificate

Providing these

You may either upload scans or high-resolution photos of these during the online application process, or post, fax, or email copies of these.!