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Last revised: May 2014In the course of your use of this app, ISIC Global Office B.V. (“ISIC”, “we” or “us”) will process information (“personal data”) about you. ISIC is the data controller with regards to the information processed through this app.

Your privacy and the protection of your personal data is very important to ISIC. We believe that it is important that you understand what happens with your personal data. This privacy policy explains (i) which data we collect, (ii) how we collect your personal data, (iii) for what purposes your personal data will be used, (iv) with whom ISIC may share your data, (v) where we store your data, and (vi) how your personal data is protected.

NOTE: If you have an ISIC payment card with the MasterCard logo, you can also link this app to your payment card. In that case, ISIC will act on behalf of the institution that issued you your payment card (“issuer”). ISIC does not store information regarding your transactions or your card balance. This information is all held by the issuer. You can find the issuer of your card – and their privacy policy – on our website by the following link: https://www.isic.org/isic-mastercard-privacy/.


1) Which personal data does ISIC process?

We process a number of categories of personal data. We store the following information as part of your account information:


  • Name on your card
  • Email address
  • ISIC card number
  • Password
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Portrait photograph
  • Unique device identifier


If you register your ISIC/MasterCard payment card, will also ask for the following information on behalf of the issuer of the card, to verify your identity.

  • Name (first name, family name)
  • Phone number
  • Payment card information (card type, MasterCard account number, expiration date)
  • Date of birth
  • Street address and postcode

We use the following information in order to make the app work, but we don’t store it with your account:


  • Location data
  • IP address


2) How does ISIC collect information about you?

Almost all information processed by ISIC is provided by you. However, we also obtain some, limited information from your device when the app makes a connection with our database. This information includes your unique device identification number, location data and your IP address. Depending on your smartphone, your phone may ask you to confirm that you would like us to access your location.

3) For what purposes does ISIC process your personal data?

ISIC processes your personal data through this app in order to:


  • Offer information regarding potential benefits and discounts based on your location
  • Verify the identity of the card holder to prevent unauthorized access
  • Communicate with you for – but not limited to – the following purposes:
    • verification of your identity
    • updates to the application
    • updates to the terms and conditions and this privacy policy.


If your register your ISIC/MasterCard payment card in the app, ISIC will also process your data on behalf of the issuer for the following purposes:


  • Communicate with you about – but not limited to – the following:
    • the registration of your ISIC/MasterCard payment card in the app
    • the verification of your identity as the card holder
    • Display your transaction history and balance
    • Allow you to manage your payment card account through the app


4) With whom does ISIC share your personal data?

If ISIC shares your personal data with third parties, ISIC will ensure that these parties process your personal data only in the manner described in this privacy policy, strictly in accordance with the ISIC’s instructions and that they are contractually bound to take appropriate security measure to safeguard your data against unauthorized processing.

If you register your ISIC/MasterCard payment card in the app, ISIC will forward some of your data (e.g. name, date of birth and partial account number) to the issuer of the card. This will allow the issuer to verify that you are authorised access to transaction information. Once registration is complete, your ISIC profile and your payment card are connected. This will allow you to use the app to review your card’s balance, move funds to the card, block your card and other payment card-related features. ISIC will also forward data related to these actions from and to the issuer.

5) Where do we store your personal data?

All your personal data is stored in databases in the European Union, with the exception of data (e.g. transaction history) for which the issuer is responsible. Therefore, if you register your ISIC/MasterCard payment card in the app, ISIC may transfer your data on behalf of the issuer to a country outside of the European Union.

6) How do we protect your personal data?

Although nobody can give a 100% guarantee, ISIC takes all the appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard your personal data against unauthorized processing.

If we process the information of your ISIC/MasterCard payment card, this number is only stored in a database that complies with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards.

7) How can you get in touch with ISIC?

If you have questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact ISIC through the ISIC website: https://www.isic.org/contact/. If you’d like to get in touch with the issuer of your ISIC/MasterCard payment card, please consult the information on https://www.isic.org/isic-mastercard-privacy/.

8) What should you do if you’d like to delete your account?

Please contact ISIC through the ISIC website: https://www.isic.org/contact/ if you’d like ISIC to delete your account. Note that you will no longer be able to use most features of the app. You can also use this contact form to get in touch with ISIC if you’d like to correct any personal data.

Please contact the issuer of your ISIC/MasterCard payment card to terminate your account. Contact information for your issuer can be found through this page: https://www.isic.org/isic-mastercard-privacy/

9) Updates to this privacy policy

As we further develop the app, we may add features which have an impact on the way that we process your personal data. In such a case we will update the privacy policy. We will notify you of such a change using the email address you have provided.

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