Second Level

ISIC Cards for Secondary School Students

The International Student ID Card is backed by UNESCO and the European Council of Culture, it is used in over 130 countries and issues 4.5 million copies every year. Our aim is to bring students the best possible deals and benefits in Ireland and all over the world. We have discounts from Bus Eireann, Irish Rail, Apache Pizza, Dublin Zoo, Croke Park, Aviva Stadium, and McCabe’s Pharmacy. Any student in full-time education from the ages of 12 and up can get the card and we’d love to bring it to your school!


The ISIC card is a secure form of identification as it includes the student’s name, age, school and photo and can come in very useful when going on school trips or matches.

We have also developed a Global App and Virtual ID which holds all of the discounts available to our cardholders. This includes a search and map function for all over the world.

The Virtual ID is a password protected virtual version of your ISIC card.

It contains visual verification methods to ensure its validity and is a great back up if the plastic card is lost or misplaced.

ISIC is connected to a global market of student discount offering deals from Argentina to Taiwan, so wherever you go you can take your ISIC card with you!

How to get ISIC Cards in your school!

Order your application forms and posters from ISIC Ireland

Go round class to class informing students of the benefits of all the discounts, price and how to order one

Let us know about local businesses ISIC Ireland can partner with for discounts

Set a date to collect the filled out application forms and deposits

Verify the names and DOBs of each application against the school’s personal database.

Count up total numbers (min. of 100 cards to hold an issuing day)

Organise a date to hold the Issuing Day with your school and ISIC Ireland

Inform the students of the issuing day however you like: social media, intercom announcements, carrier pigeons!

Organise the application forms in to alphabetical order and divide them by year.

Have your issuing day with ISIC Ireland and get your student card!


In the past we have worked with The Student Council who took on ISIC Card as a project, TY Mini Companies, or principals who introduced the card as an official school card.

The card is valid from September to December of the following year so book a spot in your school for September now to ensure you get the best value for your money! 


If you would like to bring the ISIC Card to your school contact us here or just give us a call on 01-5325694. Check out all the great discounts on our discounts page!