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Top 5 Ways To Enjoy New York With Your ISIC Card

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Top 5 Ways To Enjoy New York With Your ISIC Card

You’ve done it. You’re one of the lucky ones heading to America on their J1 this year (Our commiserations to those from Castlebar)! You’ve handed over your life savings for this, you’ve got yourself a job, you’ve seen the spot in the US Embassy where Obama’s car got stuck. You’ve done it all. Now it is time to save with your ISIC Card.

1. Reach for the sky!

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Just arrived in a new city? Getting the aerial view of your new surroundings will give you the perfect crash course of your new location.
Test your head for heights at the Empire State Building Observatory (25% off with your ISIC Card) and take in the city that never sleeps. The 1930’s art deco masterpiece is still the crowning jewel of the Manhattan skyline despite the range of new super-tall skyscrapers that are popping up in both Midtown and the Financial District. We recommend visiting just before sunset so you get to see the city lights begin to flicker on.

However, the only issue with the Empire State’s Observatory is that you cannot see the Empire State Building itself! For that head uptown to The Top of The Rock Observation Deck (12% off with your ISIC Card), based in the Rockefeller Center and home of NBC, for what is considered to be the best view in New York City.
2. Get your art on

Guggenheim Museum

Expand your mind at these top museums this summer. Again, New York is well represented by the ISIC Card in this category. The Museum of Modern Art (The MoMA), now one of the most visited attractions in Manhattan and only a few blocks north of the Rockefeller Center, offers students $11 off the entrance fee. Highlights include Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh and Les Demoiselles D’Avignnon. Follow your MoMA visit to 5th Avenues so-called “Museum mile”, stopping off at the Guggenheim Museum. The building itself is a well known attraction and ISIC card holders get $7 off the entrance fee.

Just down the street is the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, perhaps the most famous art museum in America. Here ISIC card holders are given $13 off the price. However, do note that the prices for the Met is a “suggested price”, so in effect you can pay however little or much you desire. To round off your day of art stop into the Whitney Museum ($4 off) in the village. The Whitney has recently moved to a newly constructed building so stop by and see what the new digs are like!
3. Take in a show on Broadway


For many, New York is synonymous with Broadway shows and ISIC will help you see some of the best shows at a reasonable price. The complete list of shows is too comprehensive to cover here but a few select highlights include The Lion King, Chicago, Les Miserables and Cirque du Soleil. For the full list check out the ISIC America site ( Depending on the show, and the time your ISIC card can entitle you to up to 50% off the regular price. J1’s are all about experiencing things that you wouldn’t at home and a Broadway show is a great way to do just that. The production values truly are outstanding.

For something a little different, check out the New York City Ballet ($29 off the entrance fee).

4. Become the ultimate sightseer

World Trade Center

You’re on a mission, you want to see everything and you want to see it now. The New York Pass (25% off with an ISIC card) is a great way to experience New York in a short amount of time. All that is needed is a level of endurance, a map and a pair of good walking shoes. Nearly all major attractions in New York are covered by the New York Pass (9/11 Museum, Intrepid Space and Air Museum, Empire State Building etc.) so it is the ideal way to see New York. Alternatively, the CityPassNY gives ISIC holders $4 off the price of the card. Whatever you decide to do, do your research regarding what you would like to see and the time frame that you envisage. Do the maths on what you would pay at the entrance versus the price of these cards and it could save you quite a lot!

5. Get your wheelsBiking

A fantastic way to get around New York is on bike. Yes, bike, and especially so during summer. <a href=””>Blazing Saddles (20% off) offers a fantastic discount to ISIC card holders. Everyone is aware of biking around Central Park but the bike route along the West Side Highway from the Financial District to the George Washington Bridge is a favorite of ours. Take a break at Levain’s Bakery (not a discount partner currently, but we are working on it!). The beauty of the city comes to life as you make your way up the west side as pass through the Tribeca, The Village, Chelsea, Midtown West, The Upper West Side and Harlem before finally finishing at the base of the GWB in Fort George. Another great option is to hop on the Governers Island Ferry and bike around the old Military stronghold which New York City is currently reforming into a public park. Enjoy!